A simple, yet BEAUTIFUL dance

you could use on a dance floor

For Beginners...

You don't need to know any complicated dance moves to perform on a dance floor. People shouldn't feel "embrassed" beacuse they cannot dance difficult moves. Simple dance moves like "Twist" have great value. It is fun and beautiful! Aren't these two in the video great dancers?

Real-life Actions

Maybe you think movies are not real enough, let's see some real-life actions. This couple probably are not the best dancers you've ever seen. But will you judge them because they aren't dancing sophisticated moves?

Twist Anywhere

Weddings are too special? Maybe you could see this other video. You don't even need to have a specific partner. You could just join the crowd, move with the music and have fun!

Don't you feel TWIST DANCE looks as good as those complicated dances? Would you like to learn the moves?

Don't worry! It only takes a few minutes! No previous dance experience required! Are you ready?