Hello, this is Yue's homepage.

I feel very lucky to study at TC in NYC. Such a gret place to study and explore and meet you such great guys here.

I like travelling and experiencing different culture. I have lived in three countries (China,UK,USA) and four cities (Gongyi, Shanghai, Newcastle,the New York City), as shown in the above carousel.

I am curious to find the exotic culture from differnt places. Pictures shown on the left are taken in Western China in this summer. The culture and climate there are quite different from where I live, but I still enjoy my journey very much.

I am also a huge fan for art,especially modern art. That's why I made my project on ART. However, what I know about art is far from enough. I would like to take this chance to know more about modern art. And you are very welcome to explore it together with me.

Wow, the journey to explore modern art is just going to start, please clike on midterm button.