Calling all Math-Wranglers and Math-Champions!

This site is about redefining what it means to be a math student

Are you a Math-Wrangler or a Math-Champion?

Learning takes time and sometimes it is challenging to grasp new concepts. But if you begin to think differently about math-mistakes and value them as powerful learning experiences, then you are that much closer to becoming a Math-Wrangler or a Math-Champion.

See, Math-Wranglers and Math-Champions both share an understanding that learning is a process. And for some people that process moves a bit quicker than for other people. Persistence is key for learning math.

You can also try these strategies to help you learn math:

The more you think about how you learn, the better you will understand how to develop a mistake-recovery strategy.

A mistake-recovery is an important part of learning. It means that you take each mistake you make and think about the reasons why you made it. Did you study for the test, did you practice math problems, did you seek help when you got stuck on a homework assignment?

When you are looking through your mistakes, think about how you can improve. Reflect on how you can design a mistake-recovery strategy that is best suited for you.

For example, when you make a calculation error, ask yourself:

Another example could be that you made an application error. In this case, you should ask yourself:

Remember, making a mistake is part of the learning process.

Your job is to learn from those mistakes and develop a mistake-recovery strategy for your needs. When you do that, you can truly become a Math-Wrangler or a Math-Champion!

You Are A Math-Wrangler If:

  1. You start out afraid of math, but do not let fear control you
  2. You work regularly to think mathematically and you practice what you learn
  3. You know you are not alone if you struggle
  4. You know that making mistakes in math is okay as long as you practice math-recovery strategies
  5. You persist, work hard, and succeed in math classes
Math-Wrangler Code of Honor
Thou Shall Not... Thou Shall...
Get discouraged amidst math struggles Remain persistent through adversity
Feel defeated when challenged Understand learning takes time
Forget to ask for help Seek help when needed
Let negative emotions win Reinforce positive emotions

You Are A Math-Champion If:

  1. You help a student succeed and persist through struggles
  2. You emphasize patience and understanding in learning math
  3. You enjoy discovering new things in math
  4. You practice what you learn and you see value in learning math
  5. You understand that making mistakes in math is part of learning, and you can recover from mistakes

Math-Champion Code of Honor
Thou Shall Not... Thou Shall...
Flaunt successes when it hurts others Lead through example
Become overconfident Remain diligent and keep learning
Ignore others who need help Help others in need
Let negative emotions win Reinforce positive emotions

Myra Luna-Lucero, M.A., Ed.M., is a third year doctoral student in the Communication, Media, and Learning Technologies Design department at Teachers College Columbia University. She studies social belonging, self-efficacy, anxiety, and empowerment in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) topics in schools. To learn more about math-recovery strategies check out the National Center on Intensive Intervention's website. Or email me by clicking here to talk more about math-recovery strategies and math learning strategies.