Hiya! My name is Chris Vicari and this is a website about me trying to learn how to code! Let the hilarity ensue!

Let's get serious...

My research focus is on how games should be utilized more as “skill application” tools or simulators, where the game in question ceases to become the focus of instruction and assessment, but merely becomes a tool that students can use to apply knowledge learned in the classroom. My aim is to use EVE Online as a skill application tool to support learning in an college economics classroom.

This is a picture of the EVE Online market. Much potential! For science!

There are spaceships too!

Silly facts!

Even sillier facts!

Let's go to the chart...


Hobbies to improve:
Writing! Coding! Cooking! Reading!
Code to learn:
Embedding Creative style!
Uhhh....CSS! Yes!

Wow! This table is really out of place!