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Official Course Moodle We don't use this anymore but if you need it, the link is here.
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Functions as First-Class Objects JS Explanation of functions as simple javascript objects, what it means that JS is designed with functions as first-class
Bootstrap 3: CSS CSS The CSS documentation of Bootstrap 3
Bootstrap CDN CSS CDN to Bootstrap 3 CSS (to work locally, you'll want to make sure the beginning of the href is http://
Ancient Web Sites: Still Alive Today HTML This is actually a fascinating list including some very early websites that still exist today. Do NOT use these as examples for your code, many of the techniques and tags they use are deprecated and no longer in use. But think about it. Many of these were cutting edge at time of publication. People were making big money designing and developing these things. And your final projects will be much better.
30 CSS Selectors You MUST Memorize CSS Knowing these rules are going to help you immensely with not only HTML/CSS but also jQuery when we get to it. (NOTE: This would be pretty good pop quiz material)
nth Child Recipes CSS A Cookbook of nth Child Formulas and Examples
Propositional Representations Cognition What is a propositional representation?